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Do you find the emotional intensity of relationship conflicts overwhelming? Does your heart race and your mind spiral into negative scenarios during disagreements? Perhaps you tend to avoid conflict altogether, leading to feelings of resentment and frustration. Or, you might struggle to control your emotions during disagreements, saying things you later regret. Conflict is a natural and inevitable aspect of relationships, and improving communication can enhance the quality of your engagement and connection with your loved ones.

The relationship you have with yourself is also important to your happiness yet is often overlooked or neglected. Learning how to prioritize your emotional and physical needs while dialing down negative self-talk will improve your self-esteem, diminish self-doubt and help you cultivate a more positive and connected relationship with yourself. Together, we will uncover some of your limiting core beliefs and behaviours that are hindering your personal growth and work towards developing the right skills that will help you to speak up more and get your needs met. 

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Building Communication Skills that Empower

As we work together, I will help you face and break unhelpful patterns and longstanding difficulties in your interpersonal relationships. You will learn how to quieten your inner critic and become more courageous and vulnerable in your relationships. I will support you as you develop and practice new and effective communication skills that will empower you to confront your fears and express your wants and needs with confidence and grace. You will learn how to slow down and become more present and calm during disagreements which will improve connection.


I am committed to helping you forge healthier and stronger connections with yourself and your loved ones. I look forward to supporting you on your journey of self discovery and improving your relationships. 

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Invisible threads are the strongest ties.

— Friedrich Nietzche

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